Newgrounds...or Newspace?

2007-08-18 00:18:03 by Nihongo

Is Newgrounds selling out to the idea that users want this site to be just like Myspace. Look at the user pages. We even have our own blogs for fuck's sake! If we keep heading towards "Newspace" we'll be up to our neck in emos, ad-bots, and spammers. (Right now we're only up to our waists...)

I mean what's next? NG helping me find hot singles in my local area? Facegrounds? Newchan? Do you Yahoogrounds? NewGoogle? A NG porn site?(Seriously, this is gonna happen. Just take some certain *cough*naked pics of Tom*cough* as an example.) Or worst of all...a site that lets users submit flash documents into a "portal" that is so clogged with crap, you can't see the good works!! *gasp!*

I mean come on Tom. If you're going to sell out do it in merchandise! The NG store is a start, but go further than that. Radio, TV commercials. Internet ads! And for products: Tom and Wade action figures with realistic admin powers! SBC alram clock! Bedn posters! Blammed flash beany babys! Alien Hominid Legos! Tankmen sex toys! Agnry faic condems!
Merchandise is where the real money is! So if NG has to sell out do it in merchandise, at least then you get exra cash for the site and for yourself!

And if all else fails, go to Daytime TV and infommercials! All the housewives will love NG, they might even become regulars.

Newgrounds...or Newspace?

Flash MX is confusing...

2007-07-24 23:41:08 by Nihongo

Finally after years of sitting on the sidelines only being able to watch Flash on NG, I will be able to make flash myself. That's right, I finally got the full version of Flash MX. Now I can make all sorts of crazy cool flashes and games. I've been meaning to finally use all those flash ideas I got while in the shower.

What? I get my best ideas in the shower! Some people get their best ideas while taking a crap, so a shower is reasonable in my book. Now I just have to remember all those crazy cool flash ideas I got.
I think one of 'em involved a monkey with a harem...or was it a man named Lee on heroin?

But before any of that I need to learn how to even use this thing called "Flash"

The New Redesign looks freaking scweet! I'd almost forgotten about this place, till I wound up being linked back to this place. Now I can start hanging out all over again.