Flash MX is confusing...

2007-07-24 23:41:08 by Nihongo

Finally after years of sitting on the sidelines only being able to watch Flash on NG, I will be able to make flash myself. That's right, I finally got the full version of Flash MX. Now I can make all sorts of crazy cool flashes and games. I've been meaning to finally use all those flash ideas I got while in the shower.

What? I get my best ideas in the shower! Some people get their best ideas while taking a crap, so a shower is reasonable in my book. Now I just have to remember all those crazy cool flash ideas I got.
I think one of 'em involved a monkey with a harem...or was it a man named Lee on heroin?

But before any of that I need to learn how to even use this thing called "Flash"


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2007-07-25 23:54:23

You have my envy.

Nihongo responds:

Oh so you don't like it when I flaunt this Flash MX box in your face then?
*waves box in face*


2007-07-26 02:56:57

Yeah it's weird. I get my ideas in the shower too. Fucked up. Speaking (OR TYPING) of "Fuck" wanna fuck baby sweets? huh? Lemme shit in your ass.

Nihongo responds:

Ummm...no...? Uh...*runs away*


2007-07-27 22:41:06

Hohohoho, with my aggressiveness towards you, you got it :D GO ON AIM FUCKING PLEASE


2007-07-29 13:45:14

I LOVE YOUR BANNER!!!!!!111!!!!!

Nihongo responds:

I wonder why....


2007-07-31 11:16:57

1. Chad-T needs to be put into a strait jacket
2. i ha ve flash also, so we could work together on stuff

: yay for relevant statement


2007-08-13 23:38:52

I highly recommend spending some quality time learning actionscript. Check out http://www.actionscript.org/


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