Entry #3

Newgrounds...or Newspace?

2007-08-18 00:18:03 by Nihongo

Is Newgrounds selling out to the idea that users want this site to be just like Myspace. Look at the user pages. We even have our own blogs for fuck's sake! If we keep heading towards "Newspace" we'll be up to our neck in emos, ad-bots, and spammers. (Right now we're only up to our waists...)

I mean what's next? NG helping me find hot singles in my local area? Facegrounds? Newchan? Do you Yahoogrounds? NewGoogle? A NG porn site?(Seriously, this is gonna happen. Just take some certain *cough*naked pics of Tom*cough* as an example.) Or worst of all...a site that lets users submit flash documents into a "portal" that is so clogged with crap, you can't see the good works!! *gasp!*

I mean come on Tom. If you're going to sell out do it in merchandise! The NG store is a start, but go further than that. Radio, TV commercials. Internet ads! And for products: Tom and Wade action figures with realistic admin powers! SBC alram clock! Bedn posters! Blammed flash beany babys! Alien Hominid Legos! Tankmen sex toys! Agnry faic condems!
Merchandise is where the real money is! So if NG has to sell out do it in merchandise, at least then you get exra cash for the site and for yourself!

And if all else fails, go to Daytime TV and infommercials! All the housewives will love NG, they might even become regulars.

Newgrounds...or Newspace?


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2007-08-18 00:25:51

I would seriously buy all those products.

Nihongo responds:

Well then let me direct you to my ebay account...


2007-08-18 00:42:41

I love the way ur a hippocryt i mean criticizing the blog system now on newgrounds and yet you use it. Omg the irony is so great. Thanks for making me fall outa my chair laughing.

Nihongo responds:

Irony? What irony? I send my clothes to the cleaner.
Glad to give you a laugh, though.


2007-08-18 00:45:29

i hope you're being sarcastic. you are right?
lol, anyways those merchandize ideas are TEH shit, specially the blammed flash bean dolls and OMG the stawberry clock CLOCK that would TOTALLY ROCK!!! they're just starting with figurines, i really hope the SBC alarm is next, it would be so cool everyone would buy one TEEHEE <3 ^_^

seriously, it would be a big hit.


2007-08-18 00:47:55

Ok if you are worried about newgrounds bring in emos I am sure, a lot of people will kick them out...

Myspace welcomes emos we kick them out.

Newgrounds rules over myspace period.

Nihongo responds:

But what of the democrats? What would they say about that?


2007-08-18 00:54:27

How many people that use myspace even know what flash is?
Enough said.


2007-08-18 01:02:05

Hardly selling out. Newgrounds is a place for people to express themselves through flash and music. Blogs are a way for people lacking the ability or tools to do either to express themselves.

It is also an easier way for flash artists to post updates on their works, and for smaller artists to get some attention.

Hyperbole is clearly your best friend, but come on. This is all Tom's vision, and he is tweaking something that has taken up over 10 years of his life, and could very well continue throughout the rest of his life. The man has given everything to us, the least we all can do is give him a break should he want to take something to the next level.

If you notice, there hasn't been a surplus of new users, and probably the majority of new users in the wake of the update were ex-users interested in the new Newgrounds.

Besides, look at the Clock Crew, the Uzi Union, Lock Legion, Kitty Krew... we're spammed plenty (Duck.fla Day or whatever). Newgrounds isn't a place for emos to congregate, because excluding the forums there IS no place for them to go. And pop-ups have been wiped out. The Newgrounds admins have seen to that.

The new user page is just a way for people to organize their flash, favorite flash, music, and so on for the public to see, it's nothing to get your knickers in a bundle over ^^

Nihongo responds:

Lack of humour is clearly your best friend. Captain-Cow got what I was doing here. Why don't you? But those NG shop items are pure gold I tell ya...


2007-08-18 01:06:52

"A NG porn site?"
It's already happened, if you haven't noticed. :P

MySpace is annoying and unorganized. Newgrounds user pages are more flash oriented, more organized, and don't look like crap. I would love to see NG commercials on TV though. And a SBC "alram clock" would be awesome.



2007-08-18 01:08:12

They've only added a blog & userpage.

You can't do as much as you can with myspace but NG has something it doesn't... Flash

Nihongo responds:

AMEN Brother!


2007-08-18 01:55:02

hes seriously right tom u shouldnt let anyone else join just keep the people that already have profiles or...or ill um.....go to albinoblacksheep!!!! hahahahahaha how u like dem apples


2007-08-18 01:58:29

Um... i know this is random but can someone help me on creating and submiting flash??? please ill give u a cookie!!!!!


2007-08-18 02:24:33

"s Newgrounds selling out to the idea that users want this site to be just like Myspace. Look at the user pages. We even have our own blogs for fuck's sake! If we keep heading towards "Newspace" we'll be up to our neck in emos, ad-bots, and spammers. (Right now we're only up to our waists...)"

Are you new?

That happened three years ago.

Stop bitching because they made the website a bit more personal so it could suck a little less.

(Updated ) Nihongo responds:

I wasn't bitching, merely ranting...in a hysterical and humourous way.
And don't you like my idea of NG selling pet lizards with your name? T_T


2007-08-18 03:22:00

NG already had a dating service, as well as a mature site. Years ago. You're trying to pinpoint some direction that NG's moving in, but it's just a scattered mess of things that have already happened, ridiculous baseless rambling, and vague attempts to pair Newgrounds with several corporate giants you pulled out of your ass at random.
Personal pages. BFD. You love the attention they're getting you anyway.
Maybe once you graduate high school and start a career, you're understand the difference between selling out and making money.

Nihongo responds:

True, and maybe once you're done trying to sound smart you'll realize this was a joke and laugh like you're supposed to.


2007-08-18 07:16:07

I would fuck an Agnry faic condems

(Updated ) Nihongo responds:

No, an Agnry faic condem would fuck you...


2007-08-18 08:04:44



Nihongo responds:

YOU BITCH! I live in Louisiania!


2007-08-18 08:05:38

[/ Saracasm]


2007-08-18 08:32:14

Newspace would be nice, I like it, and it would not bring emos, they wiuld just stay in myspace and facebook, why go to newgrounds? they don't know crap aboot flash and if they did they wouldd go looking on the intenet for a way to put custom layout on their profile, not even go to the forums.


2007-08-18 08:58:24

I wouldn't go as far as to say it's becoming Myspace, but I would say that this site is leaning towards the Deviantart/Sheezyart kind of site. But I don't think it's gotten THAT bad yet.


2007-08-18 09:06:15

A NG porn site?

NG already is a porn site. Duh!

Nihongo responds:

Really? You mean the tons of Mature content and hentai that flood the portal and forums are porn?! I never would have known.


2007-08-18 11:06:45

The user pages are mainly for the flash artists that keep this site exciting and fresh. Newgrounds is only as good as the content we provide, so its nice that the artist can keep us posted on whats in the works, chat, or whatever. So its mostly for the flash artists.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that most of the users on the sites you mentioned, don't even know what flash is... So you needn't worry about those people spaming this site.


2007-08-19 00:51:48

The "I was just joking defense". What a new angle at dodging the whiny crybaby label!

(Updated ) Nihongo responds:

The annoying " I'm better than you, approach to life". What a pathetic way to show that you have no real life so you have to just make others online look less than you.
Go get laid and a real social life, that way you won't have to spend all your time here showing how you're better than me.

Who even checks back in on a News Post like this anyways?!


2007-08-21 13:13:02

all of the above, Newgrounds is like:





Newgounds (with all kinds of nice flash),

and forumgrounds.


2007-08-23 22:20:17



2007-09-01 15:50:38

Uuser pages are cool, even if they are similar to myspace.

Nihongo responds:

"Tell Sidorio what you think of this comment!"


2007-09-14 11:44:03

I could go for an Angry Faic condem.

Nihongo responds:

I could have used one when I did your sister last night, too!


2007-10-24 19:43:54


Kidding. Much <3 Nihongo.

Nihongo responds:

Wow this news post is old. Thant. For stoping by though.


2008-10-23 16:59:13

Your a tree.


2010-08-20 14:32:31

Nihongo is long gone.